Nagios Aggregator

A PHP script for aggregating multiple Nagios instances into one consistent view.


Required software:

Installation and configuration

As a prerequisites you need to install postgreSQL and apache, or other web server. Enable PHP support in the Web server and create a database in postgreSQL. Its name is configurable in Aggregator so choose whichever you like.

Unpack the sources into a specific dir, visible in the Web server's document root and reconfigure database settings in the following files:
Note: I had a problem when adding DB support with php includes and variable visibility - that is why there are two places to modify, hopefully will correct it in future versions.

Edit file config, which is used by to get all the needed nagios views. The file format looks like this:


The meaning of those fields is as follows:

The line could look like this:


Comments are accepted. With hash sign.

The final step of the configuration is to add execution of into cron.

Good luck!


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